The Prostage II VS Flame Projectors produce an intense column of flame and heat.


The VS Coloured Flames produce a small but incredibly vivid flame available in red, green, blue, purple, orange and amber.


Flames are 4-5ft high.


Standard duration is 2-3 seconds, with other durations possible on request.


VS Coloured Flames are made to order.

Le Maitre’s VS  - “virtually smokeless” range uses completely different compositions which produce extremely intense colours and auras, without the traditional by-products of solid particles which can burn to produce unwanted smoke. The VS range is in line with Le Maitre’s strategy of continuously introducing the best range of visually stunning pyrotechnics on the market ensuring spectators get to see the effects at their very best. VS products are only smokeless in low humidity. In high humidity the presence of water in the air can react with the emitted gases to appear as white smoke.

There may be minimal fallout as all pyrotechnics can produce some remnants of hot and/or cold fallout. Risk assessments must be carried out when using all Le Maitre products and this should involve a test firing of the product.


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