Producing a loud bang and some smoke, Theatrical Maroons are used to simulate bullet hits on walls or on the ground.


Available in cardboard or plastic casing, Maroons produce fragments.


  • Maroons are sold for professional purposes only and should be used with great caution.
  • A risk assessment should be carried out and the Maroons should be used in a bomb tank if deemed necessary (not supplied by Le Maitre).
  • The user must conduct safety trials prior to use to ascertain the suitability of noise levels for the public.

Maximum noise levels:
Theatrical Maroons (Cardboard)

  • Small: 120.9dB at 15 metres
  • Medium: 121.2dB at 15 metres
  • Large: 122.8dB at 25 metres

Theatrical Maroons (Plastic) 

  • Small: 116.9dB at 20 metres
  • Medium: 124.1dB at 20 metres
  • Large; 128.2dB at 20 metres


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