tarm RYGB 35 OPSL Full Colour Laser with ShowNET


The tarm RYGB 35 OPSL is made in Germany and is a powerful show laser system with extremely good visibility that is ideally suited for top professional laser show applications of any kind. It is built with the latest RTI semiconductor laser modules that are specially designed in a way to keep spot size as well as divergence equal on both x- and y-axis. This is significantly advantageous over solutions with a very good divergence on one axis, but a bad divergence on the other. The laser modules inside the tarm RYGB 35 OPSL are different - the spot size and shape is equal for all colours and on both axis!


The colour range is extended with a yellow and a green Coherent Taipan OPSL module for increased visibility - and matching spot size.


The beam specifications of the tarm RYGB 35 OPSL are given with only 4.5 mm diameter and less than 0.9 mrad divergence - which applies to both axis, so it’s an actual value not an average and provides higher quality results than specifications with mixed calculations. The extremely small beam diameter allows for the use of very small mirrors, which results in reduced inertia and thus very good scanning performance.


The tarm RYGB 35 OPSL impresses with a guaranteed RYGB output power of 35'000 mW. Great visibility is achieved with the new RTI Semiconductor Laser Modules (RSL) with special wavelengths for increased visibility: 8'000 mW at 637 nm for a very bright red combined with a strong blue laser module with 15'000 mW at 455 nm. An additional yellow Coherent Taipan OPSL head with 577 nm is added for significantly increased visibility - yellow is the best visible colour to human eye. The 530 nm green OPSL provides a warmer green tone than the 520 nm diodes and also has increased visibility.


These new RSL modules with their extremely low divergence and homogenous beam shape make the tarm RYGB 35 OPSL a top professional laser system. The extremely small beam diameter of only 4.5 mm allows for the use of small scanner mirrors which leads to reduced inertia and higher scan speeds. This is especially important, as the tarm RYGB 35 OPSL can be used for any kind of laser show application: Super sharp beams and vivid colours for large scale concerts and festivals but also a perfectly matched beam for crisp graphics.

tarm RYGB 35 OPSL Full Colour Laser with ShowNET 35,000mW

Excluding VAT
    • Compact form factor, Module size equal to the Coherent OPSL modules
    • Extremely lightweight unit with only 35 kg
    • Different, brighter wavelengths for increased visibility
    • Brilliant colours and great colour fading
    • RTI Semiconductor Laser Modules match up with the added Yellow and Green OPSL in spot size and divergence
    • Laser modules do not come out of internal alignment
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