A spectacular, bright, ball shaped flash followed by a burst of spherical sparks with very little smoke or fallout. Available with silver or white stars, with or without loud reports.


Airbursts also have the added advantage of a two year shelf life (as opposed to the "mix yourself" variety which has to be used within a few days).


Airbursts are designed to be suspended from a lighting truss that is at least 6m/18ft (small airbursts) to 8m/24ft (large airbursts), above the ground.


Airbursts on harness are available to order on request. These have three leads which are attached to an RJ11 plug. Small and medium airbursts are assembled onto leads which are 2ft, 3ft and 5ft in length, large airbusts are assembled onto leads which are 2ft, 4ft and 8ft in length.


The effect sizes vary depending on the size and colour chosen. Check the product name for sizing.

Pyrotechnics can not be delievered using all delivery methods and may only be purchased by persons over the age of 18. Delivery is restricted to the UK only. 


Excluding VAT