D3 Dimmer 3Ch Configuration 9-24v DMX/RDM 9-24vdc


The D3 Dimmer was designed to provide exceptional power and flexibility in a low voltage DC control unit.  The D3 Dimmer can be configured as three separate 10A dimmers, two 15A dimmers, or one 30A dimmer.  It will operate with any DC voltage between 9-24VDC and can be used with batteries or with mains-powered DC power supplies to control 3 channels of LEDs, Incandescent lamps, effects, or any other device that runs on 9-24V DC power.


The 3 channel configuration is ideal for controlling RGB LED systems. Each dimmer channel can be separately configured with any of four different output profiles, including ISL curve dimming (for incandescent loads), linear dimming, LED dimming with five TV/Film Modes and six smoothing options, or Non-Dim operation.  The unit may be configured either locally via the Button pad and LCD user interface, or via RDM. 

SHoW DMX 3 Channel Dimmer 9-24VDC 10/15/30A DMX/RDM

Excluding VAT
    • NEMA 1 enclosure, Aluminum and Steel
    • Dimmer Personality
    • DMX Start Address
    • ISL, Linear, ND, or LED Dimmer
    • Individually controllable via DMX or RDM
    • 4 selectable output formats