The RM Quartet wireless microphones are designed for many applications, including vocal and public address where up to four handheld transmitters are required. The robust design allows the system to withstand the rigours of the road making it perfect for karaoke, entertainers and performers.

The rack mountable receiver features four balanced XLR outputs, one for each channel plus one mixed output via an unbalanced 6.35mm (1/4”) jack. The receiver features a USB 5V power outlet for charging the handheld receivers with the supplied dual USB cable. The systems flexibility may be increased by adding up to 4 belt pack kits comprising of a belt pack transmitter plus headset and lavalier microphone which can be used in place of the handheld transmitters.

RM Quartet Handheld Radio Microphone System

Excluding VAT
  • - 4 x handheld transmitters, each with colour code ring
    - Four channel, metal UHF receiver
    - LED status indicators
    - Removable 19” rackmount brackets
    - 4 x balanced XLR outputs
    - 1 x unbalanced 6.35mm jack mixed output
    - 6.35mm (1/4”) jack to jack patch cable
    - USB charging via supplied dual USB cable
    - Dual squelch circuit
    - Front panel mounted BNC aerials
    - Frequency response: 40hz-18Khz
    - Audio output level: Balanced: 0-400mV, Unbalanced: 0-200mV
    - CH70 license free operation