D4 HP Dimmer with Angled Control Surface 12v DMX512/ 0-10VDC


The D4 HP Dimmer combines all of the functionality of our D4 Dimmer with higher output power and an integral 40A power supply in one unit. Designed for surface mounting to scenery, the angled control surface is both visible and accessible in tight spaces and corners. This workhorse is the perfect self contained unit for the heavy demands of theatrical and touring events.


The D4 HP Dimmer is compatible with both DMX512 and 0-10VDC analog architectural style control. Both RJ45 and 5PXLR connectors are standard for DMX connection. Other features include: Four dimming modes: Linear and ISL for incandescent use, Non-Dim (on/off) -for relays, solenoids etc., and LED. It also provides four variable smoothing rates and five TV/Film modes for ultra-smooth low end dimming and flicker free performance with LED tape.

110-240VAC input. 10A max output per channel, 40A max output per device.

QolorFLEX 4x10A Dimmer 12v Terminal Block DMX512 / 0-10VDC

Excluding VAT
    • NEMA 1 enclosure, Aluminum and Steel
    • Dimmer Personality
    • DMX Start Address
    • ISL, Linear, ND, or LED Dimmer
    • Individually controllable via DMX or RDM
    • 4 selectable output formats