CP62 MFL PAR 64 Lamp - Medium Flood


The CP62 lamp is the most common PAR Lamp found in theatres, and is the standard lamp of the Par64 series used in theatrical parcans. The lamp features a medium spread (24 degrees approx.), with an elliptical beam. The orientation of the elliptical beam can be set by rotating the lamp within the parcan, accessed via the rear of the lantern. As a result this is a very versatile lamp, which can be used for uplighting set, spotting people on stage or even as part of a stage wash. Great combined with saturated lighting gel colours for high impact effects.


Product data

  • Product Code: 871150044076110
  • Bulb Diameter [mm]: 205
  • Maximum Overall Length [mm]: 150
  • Brand: Phillips
  • Cap/Base: GX16D

Performance data

  • Estimated Rated Life [h]: 300
  • Nominal correlated colour temperature (CCT) [K]]: 3200
  • Nominal center beam candlepower (CBCP) [cd]: 130000

PAR 64 CP62 240v 1000w Theatre Lamp

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