MIXBOOK is a digital swatchbook that enables users to pre-visualise their gel and LED colours, and then communicate those colour choices with other members of their team. MIXBOOK contains the same LED technology found in MIX® fixtures, which will ensure perfect colour matches between their MIXBOOK and any MIX lights they have on set.


Selecting colors from a screen or monitor can be frustrating. What do the colors in a console’s color picker actually look like as colored light? Until now, lighting professionals had no way to previsualize and communicate their LED color choices without setting up a fixture and a console. Using the Color Mode in the myMIX app, users can select their desired colors – using either Hue, Saturation and Intensity levels, or CIE xy values – and then explore how those colors perform with MIXBOOK. Once the desired colors have been created, users can send them directly to any MIX LED fixtures they’re using, they can share them with other members of their team, or input the data-values of those colors from the myMIX app into a control console in order to produce them using other color-mixing fixtures. The six-chip MIX LED technology inside MIXBOOK features a proprietary mix of Red, Green, Blue, Lime, Amber and White emitters that enables the device to produce over 130 accurate Rosco gel matches. These colors have been verified – by eye, by meter and by camera – to match traditional tungsten and daylight sources with Rosco gels on them. Using Gel Mode in the myMIX app, users can explore how these True Rosco Colors will perform in their environment. MIXBOOK ships inside a neoprene pouch with a belt loop, so that lighting professionals can always have this handy tool at their side. The device also features a ¼-20 socket on the bottom for easy attachment to a light stand or mounting device in order to go hands-free. MIXBOOK charges via any standard Micro USB charger (not included).


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