Also known as Grid Rockets, these are small whistling rockets with a sparkling tail that run along a steel cable, attached to the line by a rocket holder.


The cable (not supplied) must be securely fastened at each end.


A 4 second line rocket may travel up to 50 metres in length. Quiet rockets are slightly less powerful and can reach up to 15 metres in length. Line Rockets take between 2 and 4 seconds to travel their distance. The distance travelled will depend on the angle and condition of the line it is on.

*Please note that the red caps are no longer fitted or supplied with our Line Rockets. If required, these can be sent out loose at no additional charge AT THE TIME OF PLACING THE ORDER.
However, should these red caps be needed without the Line Rockets, they are available to purchase.

There may be minimal fallout as all pyrotechnics can produce some remnants of hot and/or cold fallout. Risk assessments must be carried out when using all Le Maitre products and this should involve a test firing of the product.


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