The Gunflash creates a realistic simulation of a gun being fired when inserted into a barrel.

Produces an orange or white flash with some white smoke. The Sparkle version also delivers silver sparks.



  • Standard effect: 1' x 4" flash
  • Large with Sparks: projects to 8' x 2'


  • Max. 90dB (at 5m indoors)


The Super Gunshot produces a directional coloured red flash with a bang. Available in red, white, amber or green.


  • 8'-12' x 1' flash


  • Max. 110dB (at 5m indoors)


There may be minimal fallout as all pyrotechnics can produce some remnants of hot and/or cold fallout. Risk assessments must be carried out when using all Le Maitre products and this should involve a test firing of the product.


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