The Altea-715 passive system allow users to choose the powering option they prefer and is designed for use with external amplification and outboard DSP. This system benefits from the high-performance transducers include the DAS 15FV4 loudspeaker, which provides accurate low frequency reproduction with a deep, powerful bass.


High frequencies are handled by the brilliant M-28 FEM optimized compression driver with 1″ exit providing exceptional performance and smooth reproduction.

DAS Audio ALTEA-715

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  • Features

    2-way, full range system
    Lightweight multipurpose system 15″ FV series bass loudspeaker 1″ FEM optimized compression driver
    Enclosure design allows for stage monitor use
    Built-in rigging points


    Concerts and corporate A/V
    Portable and live clubs
    Concert halls, theaters and auditoriums
    Houses of worship