The ALTEA-415 and ALTEA-412 are passive systems designed for use with external amplification and an outboard DSP. They allow users to choose the powering option they prefer and benefit from the same enclosure features and top-of-the-line components as the ALTEA-400 powered versions.



The ALTEA-400 models use the renowned Mi Series loudspeakers. These professional-grade loudspeakers provide precise low frequency reproduction with excellent musicality. The high frequencies are handled by the M-32 compression driver with 1″ exit to provide exceptional overall performance. A winning combination of matched components that offer ideal characteristics for music reproduction.

DAS Audio ALTEA-415

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  • Features

    2-way, full range system 15″ bass loudspeaker 
    1″ compression driver
    Angled enclosure design for stage monitor use
    Built-in rigging points 
    Stand mountable


    Concerts and corporate A/V
    Portable and live clubs
    Concert halls, theaters and auditoriums
    Houses of worship