ACTION-512 is a passive system designed to deliver a highly versatile solution, from fixed installations to the popular portable PA application. Its rotatable horn with 90º x 60º dispersion means the enclosure can be used horizontally in a fixed installation, as a stage monitor or even as front fill. 



As part of our company culture, all our systems are developed under a single philosophy: to deliver the highest possible quality in terms of both materials and overall system design. In the ACTION-500 series we use the same birch plywood as our touring systems for a tight, natural warm sound found nowhere else on the market. 



For long-term optimal performance of the ACTION-500 passive versions, the system can only be a complete sound system when rounded out with our amplifiers and processors with stored presets and limiters.

DAS Audio ACTION-512

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  • Features

    Passive two-way system
    Birch plywood enclosure
    Durable ISO-flex paint 
    Recommended processor: DSP-226
    Recommended amplifier: PA series


    Live sound reinforcement
    Bands, DJ´s and performers
    Speech and vocals
    Music playback in entertainment
    A/V, conferences and presentations