CP60 Par lamp Very Narrow Spot. Beam Angle 12 degree approx. This PAR 64 lamp is good for really tight spots, thin light beams cutting through smoke or streaking across stage set/cloths. Also used on large music stages to provide spotlights to hightlight individual band members.

Product data

  • Product Code: 871150044060010
  • Bulb Diameter [mm]: 204
  • Maximum Overall Length [mm]: 150
  • Brand: Phillips
  • Cap/Base: GX16D

Performance data

  • Estimated Rated Life [h]: 300
  • Nominal correlated colour temperature (CCT) [K]]: 3200
  • Nominal center beam candlepower (CBCP) [cd]: 400000

CP60 240v 1000w GX16d Theatre Lamp

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