Colorsource Thrupower Cabinet Single Pole 24x10A


Each ColorSource ThruPower circuit feeds directly into the panel wiring, breaking out to dimmer and relay inputs, which means that all circuits can switch between relay and dimming at a moment’s notice, and without changing any hardware. Simply change the operation of any circuit locally with the easy-to-use interface, while remote changes can be made with Remote Device Management (RDM). You can also expand your system functionality by adding additional DIN-rail accessories, such as Ethernet, Mosaic Show Controllers and Echo Controls. 


The ColorSource ThruPower cabinet has a single contact input that enables you to play back a single look for work lights or emergency systems, ensuring that your system is fully prepared for any situation. Its fan-free cooling system runs quietly, allowing the cabinet to be installed on catwalks, flyways and backstage when no electrical rooms are available. The ColorSource ThruPower cabinet’s simple user interface allows for changes to local settings without needing to hire an electrician, saving you time and money on maintenance. Additionally, circuit setup is accessible at the front of the cabinet, not buried beneath layers of components, and can be optionally secured behind a lockable front door, so only authorized operators can make changes with little to no fuss.

Colorsource Thrupower Cabinet Single Pole 24x10A 2.3KW

Excluding VAT
    • Switch between relay and dimming without changing hardware
    • Fan free system that runs quietly
    • Make changes remotely with Remote Device Management
    • Front access to circuitry
    • Optional lockable front door
    • Expand your system functionality with additional DIN-rail accessories