A specially designed airburst that gives a report followed by a shower of confetti that floats slowly to the ground. Burst diameter is 6m/18ft.


Available in blue; green; purple; pink; orange; red; white; yellow and multi.

Designed to be suspended from a lighting truss at least 5m/15ft from the ground.

Available with or without harness.


This product is also available in Loud Report and Quiet versions upon request.


Pyrotechnics can not be delievered using all delivery methods and may only be purchased by persons over the age of 18. Delivery is restricted to the UK only. 


The Chinese Confetti Airburst Extra Loud is a report followed by an explosion of confetti (10 bundles) covering an area of approximately 20ft. Its noise level is c.117-120dB at 8 metres. Colours available on request.


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