Make setting up easy. With the Chauvet DJ D-Fi USB Wireless DMX Transceiver dongle, you no longer have to worry about cable stress. With the D-Fi USB dongle you'll no longer have to think about cable connections. You'll have a quick, breezy set-up process whilst ending up with a clear, cable-free space to move around in. And you'll be able to perform without the worry of tripping up.


The D-Fi USB Transceiver Dongle works by connecting to Chauvet's series of fixtures featuring USB connections. With these fixtures, you can wirelessly connect them directly from the source. You can control your USB fixtures using any Chauvet DJ controllers, or from your smartphone via the D-Fi Hub and FlareCON. It's totally efficient and extremely easy to use.


Operating as a finger-sized device, the D-Fi USB is effortlessly portable. At the size it is, and the decreased need for cables it provides you, it helps reduce your equipment load. This not only makes your set-up quicker put makes storage and transportation as a whole so much easier.

Chauvet DJ D-Fi USB Wireless DMX Transceiver Dongle

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    • Eliminates the need for DMX cables for an easy, clean set-up
    • Works without the need for an external power supply giving you more freedom
    • Control from your smartphone with the D-Fi hub and FlareCON for ultimate efficiency
    • Finger-sized for effortless portability and a reduced equipment load