Avolites Tiger Touch II Lighting Console


Now boasting a 100% brighter screen, increased processing power, and faster graphics engine, the Tiger Touch II is the most specified Titan console. 


The Avolites Tiger Touch II represents the perfect combination of power and portability. This third-generation console is packed with enough power for complex shows, yet small and light enough to fly in standard hold luggage. The console features SMPTE timecode support and a redesigned button layout to match the entire Titan range.

AVOLITES Tiger Touch 2 Lighting Console with Titan Operating System

    • Represents the perfect combination of power and portability
    • Suitable for small to medium size applications
    • Large touch screen with high quality switches, encoders and faders
    • Boasts a 100% brighter screen
    • Packed with enough power for complex shows, in a small and portable format
    • Also features a useful front panel loading USB
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